Costumes are different kinds of outfits that the players may wear. The Costumes range from an Office Worker, to a Fox. The Costumes are meant to customize your game as they sometimes could make you have a certain fate depending on the map you choose. For example, Costumes that have tails could make you get pulled by the grinders on the Grinder Stage more easily. Another example is the Big Head Costume. If you're on the Trucks Stage and you try to duck under the signs, your big head could still hit the sign. More Costumes will most likely be added to future versions of the game.

Costume Information Alpha Version Unstable Version 2.2 Unstable Version 0.4.1
The none costume is a costume as the name says, it's a " empty " costume, with no clothes at all or advantage. X X X


Costume Information
Fox The Fox costume is a costume that features a, well, Fox. It has a tail which allows other players and objects in the stage to grab it, which is a disadvantage. But it allows the player to smack others with it, which is an advantage.